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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Team Building

Steve regularly works with large companies to promote rapport and encourage team building. By blending his performance with problem solving and rapport exercises, Steve will create an environment where your delegates will be enthusiastic and animated, without feeling intimidated. These sessions are based around magic to promote genuine interest. And everyone goes away knowing a few very good tricks, with their own deck of professional playing cards.


Steve has spent a lifetime achieving his goals against the odds. With nothing but his own motivation and complete dedication to learning, he left college, went to circus school, became a professional juggler, one of the most successful street entertainers in the world and is now one of the busiest magicians in the country. Steve is one of those annoying people who become good at everything they do. However, he claims he has no more talent than anyone else, just an attitude that can be obtained though simply being aware of the many things that can prevent us doing what we want to do. Here, Steve shares his methods for keeping motivated, positive and focused and the war he continually wages on procrastination.

For years Steve made his living by gathering huge audiences in Covent Garden and then, more importantly, convincing them to willingly part with their money. Rather than through dated, transparent closing techniques, this was achieved through honesty, integrity and rapport. A master communicator, he will share his discoveries on how to relate and engage people when delivering your message or presentation.


Steve can provide a presentation at your conference, host the full day, or provide an entertaining experience whilst promoting your main ideas and messages. Your conference will only be successful and the ideas will only hit home if they are delivered in an engaging, entertainment and confident manner.

Steve will happily come to your offices to present his ideas.

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