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Steve Faulkner - Distinctive Magic
After Dinner Show & Stage Magic


After Dinner Show 2010As a result of 12 years working the toughest venues in the world (the street) and more years performing on stage, Steve’s show has evolved into a near perfect blend of comedy and magic that has left even the most hardened MDs in hysterics and bewilderment.

After Dinner

Steve has performed his after-dinner show on the corporate circuit for years. This informal, comedy magic show is the perfect alternative or compliment to an after-dinner speaker. This is the perfect blend of award-winning magic and humour which will leave people talking about your event for a very long time.


Steve’s stage show has been performed for as many as two thousand and is perfect for larger venues such as large conferences, theatres, comedy clubs and festivals. This is a mix of comedy, magic, mind reading and escapology.

Runs from ten to sixty minutes.

Parlour Show

This is a smaller more intimate show incorporating magic, mind reading and comedy that will suit small corporate dinners or private parties. Steve has even performed this show for as few as four people. Add something truly remarkable and memorable to your event.

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