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16 Jan

A Little Catch Up for 2014

Well it’s been a long time and a time of so much change, development and progress for me. I know I have not been in touch much so this will be one of those blogs letting you know what I have been up to. I think many of you will be interested as you have asked me in some form or another, and for those others, I apologise for the indulgence.


I began writing newsletters a couple of years ago and they have taken a fairly random course. Some have been about my work and magic, many have been linking to my blog and the odd one has been letting you know of a new product I have available. When looking back at these emails, it’s easy to see that there has been a lot of variety and it can, from the outside, beg the question, what do you actually do?


My work is varied to say the least. Here is a rundown. Please note that I am not doing this to sell you my skills as you know me already, but it’s important for me to share this to enable me to clarify where I now find myself.


Steve’s Jobs  

close-up magic

I perform close-up magic, which has been my bread and butter, and will no doubt continue to be to some extent, for many years.


I perform after dinner and cabaret shows for organisations and private events.


I perform ‘parlour’ shows for small groups of people, the smallest audience was a family of four. I love the intimacy and focus of these shows, much fun.


I produce and host Steve Faulkner’s Magic Show. A very successful live show. This is been held at the Greystones and annually at the bigger and just as lovely Memorial Hall. Both in Sheffield.


Science talk


I have spoken, along with Gustav Kuhn, on the science of magic. Thanks to National Circus Archive’s and University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind and TEDx River Calder.


I have written an ebook on productivity and motivation. Click here to have a look


Through my online Card Magic Course I have decided to share everything I know with those who are willing to practise. This will develop for the next few years. Click here to have a look :)


I have appeared at various conferences and universities sharing my thoughts and findings on motivation, resilience and success, which all have different meanings for each of us.


Conference speaker


I have, in the last year become a professional coach, joining the Integral Leadership team. I.L. is a very powerful developmental program designed specifically for senior managers, team leaders and directors, but has been life-changing for me and many other individuals who need to manage themselves and others. It’s a real pleasure to join Richard Field OBE, Peter Field and Peter Mcnab.


I have a blog which seems to be about my work but with a heavy emphasis on personal development, business and motivation, productivity and even marketing. I have also just started another blog on card magic.


I continue to learn new magic and explore the wonderful craft.


Moving into 2014


There’s a lot there isn’t there. And even though I wouldn’t change a thing, I would be lying if I said that sometimes it doesn’t take it’s toll. Professionally I can’t keep focusing on everything and coming into 2014, for the first time in a while, I don’t have to.



My live shows have developed through performance so I need less time in the rehearsal room. Not no time, but less time. I need to polish my existing routines, which I will continue to do for the rest of my life. Steve Faulkner’s Magic Show was created to provide audiences the opportunity to see acts that they wouldn’t usually see, but also to provide me with a place to develop new routines. It has worked beautifully and I now have over 2 hours of material to buff up and share with those who enjoy such things.


My close-up magic is still a constant source of joy for me and I want it to continue to be so. I love it and this will always not only be a living for me but part of who I am.


My focus in the next two years will be my live performances, my Card Magic Course (and other upcoming online courses I’ll keep you posted) and my coaching with the Integral Leadership program.


It’s an exciting time and the last two years have involved lots of hard work and I have needed lots of support form my lovely family and friends.


I know this may seem like a self-indulgent email but I felt like I needed to let you know what I am up to as many of you have been reading these messages for a long time. This is very much appreciated. Very much.


So I ask you one thing. Please comment, share and have a closer look at the Card Magic Course and Integral Leadership.


Card Magic Course Website (free foundations course)
Integral Leadership Website

I will endeavour to write more soon.


Thank you so much







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